Once in remission, the goal for most cancer survivors is to reduce their risk of cancer recurrence. Lifestyle, exercise and diet are, of course, major areas of where we can have a big impact on our health and cancer risk. However, one area that can also have an impact on long-term cancer risk is avoiding known cancer causing toxins in our environment.

Our home should be where we feel most safe. Therefore, it is essential that we look at ways to reduce or eliminate those cancer causing toxins as best as we can. In this month’s information series, we are going to walk through the different rooms of your home to help you identify where those toxins are lurking, and what you can do to create a toxin-free environment for you and your family.

In this video series, Dr. Cox ND talks about the hidden toxins in different rooms of your house, touching on both household products and personal care products. If you are interested in toxin free living, these videos are for you.

Detoxifying Your Home for Cancer Survivors, Toxin Free Living



Laundry Room

Want more information?  Be sure to download my Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Detoxifying The Home – Discover the hidden toxins lurking in each room of your home and how to banish them for good.

In this guide you’ll discover:

  1. Why these toxins exist and how we have come to rely on them daily
  2. Where you can find these hidden toxins in your own home
  3. How these toxins impact your health & risk of cancer recurrence
  4. How to make small, meaningful changes today to rid yourself of these health-impacting burdens

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How to detoxify your home free guide for cancer survivors

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