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Check out Dr. Katrina as she shares her insights to support cancer survivors to become thrivers

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Dr. Karen Kan, host of Light Warrior Radio, interviews Dr. Katrina about Finding the Opportunity In Cancer and how to nourish your body after Cancer treatment and beyond

Check our Dr. Katrina as she is interviewed by Thalia Hayden on NBC’s Desert Living Now! She shares her top 3 tips for recovery energy after Cancer treatment, as well as becoming a thriver

Andrea Wilson Woods, of the Cancer U Thriver’s Podcast, interviews Dr. Katrina about her journey into cancer care & how her work seeks to transform the cancer recovery landscape

Valeria Koopman of Fit for Joy, interviews Dr. Katrina on her podcast “A Quest for Well-being” about the path to cancer recovery and beyond, through the power of listening and loving.


Dr. Katrina shared how addressing the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of cancer recovery can help you overcome Cancer Fatigue in this article for USA Wire

Do you feel overwhelmed with what to do now that you’re in remission?  Dr. Katrina shares how to create a plan for reducing Cancer recurrence in this article for Your Health Magazine

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